Packing Essentials


Sooo, it’s a well known fact that I’m big on creature comforts and although this will be my first attempt at going with the flow and being in the moment, I don’t think anyone expects me to “rough it”.
I have scoured the internet and come up with a few items to include as some of my packing essentials.
I’m sure I’ll be able to add to this list as I “live and learn”, but for now here’s my list of items I think will make this trip a little easier.

          1. My backpack:

This 70L beauty and I locked eyes from across the showroom of a Kathmandu store –it was love at first sight. I think it was the prospect of being able to wheel it around on its adjustable hinges when I no longer want to carry it on my back, that had me sold before I even tried the pack on.
I’m not going to lie, this bag is expensive. My experience with brands like Kathmandu though, is that it is definitely worth waiting for their sales!

The Terrane Adapt Pack itself has won multiple awards for it’s functionality, and Kathmandu as a whole are a pleasure to deal with. Not only will their staff assist you with finding a bag that suits your frame, but once it’s packed, you can bring your bag back into any one of their stores and they’ll adjust all of your straps to ensure that the pack is comfortable enough for you to travel with for an extended period of time … Now that’s the kind of service I like.


           2. Pacsafe Backpack and Bag Protector:

I’m going to be spending a lot of my time sleeping in hostels and shared spaces, and whilst I’ve often been called naive and extremely trusting, I’m no fool yo!









Think ‘fishing net’ meets ‘bike chain’ and you’re looking at my next essential item.
ThePacsafe Backpack and Bag Protector is essentially a thief proof net that wraps my bag and can be secured to anything. I should be able to sleep comfortably knowing my belongings are secure under my bunk.


        3. Sleeping Slip

Speaking of hostels, I’ll likely be sleeping in a lot of questionable beds… Now I’m not a particularly tidy person but if theres one thing I need, its a clean bed to sleep in!
This product is something that I’ll be re-purposing. It’s original purpose is for you to sleep in while you’re letting your fake tan develop overnight, so that you don’t ruin your sheets (we’ve all been there).









Who would have thought that all that fake tanning in my teens could actually benefit me later in life, win! TANZEE also provide you with a travel baggie to make carrying this little life saver so convenient!


 4. Water Bottle

I know. You’re probably reading this and thinking “she’s ridiculous – who carries a water bottle cross-continent when you can buy water anywhere?”.
I do *insert ‘sassy girl with arm up in the air’ emoji here*, but for good reason.

These bottles from S’well keep drinks cold for 24 hours (great for the European Summer) and hot for 12!
As well as being environmentally friendly (obvs) and all sort of fashionable, they’re a company that aims to make a difference. S’well have an ongoing partnership with UNICEF and have committed to helping provide clean and safe water to the world’s most vulnerable communities Awesome, right? Oh, and did I mention they’re a completely woman-owned company? #getitsister


       5. Universal Adaptor and Power Bank 

This one is pretty obvious. A millennial on the go without electronics is almost incapable of functioning … and I’m of no exception.


You’re able to get your hands on either of these products basically anywhere. I think it is definitely worth investing in a decent set though – the last thing I need is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone.


       6. Travel Wallet

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m a bit of a scatter brain. On more than one occasion I’ve approached a gate for a connecting flight, only to remember that I’d left my boarding pass in the pocket of a seat on a previous flight I was just on, or dropped it somewhere whilst fiddling with my other belongings (whoops)!
A travel wallet is the perfect accessory to keep all of my important documents in the one place.

I picked up this snazzy little number from Typo, but there are so many other different styles and designs available in stores and online. If you’re going to carry it around it may as well be super cute, right?


7. Organiser Bags

I’m not going to pretend to be this super (or even mildly) organised person. If I did, I’m sure I would be able to hear my mum scoff, all the way from a different continent. Usually setting my alarm for half an hour before I have to be out of the house for work, means that the only prerequisites my OOTD needs to meet is that my clothes are clean and that they resemble some sense of style … and I’m not even that fussed about the latter. These packing squares and organiser bags, which can be found very easily online, keep everything separate. Dirty from clean, pants from tops, and undies from everything else. Living out of 70L bag can be tough (I’m sure), but at least everything will be easily accessible in a hurry, without me having to pilfer through all of my belongings. Mum would be sahhh proud.

         8. Sandwich Bags

I know you’re probably reading this like “whaaat?”. Yes, those snap lock bags that your dreaded school sandwiches were held in (am I the only one with an aversion to Vegemite and butter sangas now?), have another purpose. I’ve often been told to put my passport in one while it’s not in use to ensure that there’s no way it can get wet whilst I’m travelling (apparently, airport officials are opposed to letting you through the gates with a soaked passport, who figured?). I’m well aware that I’ll likely be living on a budget over the next five months, so another great tip I’ve been given, is that you’re able to, on the DL, put aside food from the hostel breakfast for later in the day. Sandwich bags are the perfect hide away for these meals on the go. And the best thing about them? they’re cheap and you can find them everywhere! #balleronabudget #dollardollarbillsyo #iwasnotbuilttobeabackpacker #sendhelp

As I said, I’m sure I’ll be able to add to this list in the weeks to come, so watch this space for added extras!


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  1. Goodness… There are things which I would never in my wildest of dreams thought of! U seem to be almost well equipped! Good on you and happy bunking!

  2. Good laugh Sim – Keep it up!

  3. Yes Simone!! The tan bag! Sooooo clever

  4. Errol and Evelyn says:

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and Rebecca in London, and Evelyn and I are really impressed with your adventurous spirit. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the trip around Europe and it lives up to all your expectations. You only live once so make the most of it!!!

  5. Omg Simone! These are really good tips! And btw I love the way you write! I don’t know if this has anything to do with your work or your profession cause I don’t seem to remember what you studied, but if it’s not the case then you shoul do something about it! Well I guess a blog is a nice way to start. Good job!

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